What’s My House Worth?

There are several benefits to knowing your property’s current value!  Are you thinking of a large reno? Purchasing a cottage? Thinking of debt consolidation?  Looking to upgrade to the forever home?  These are all great reasons to know the value of your home and see possibilities of what you could do with your ‘lazy’ money.

Find out what your house may be worth today and we can assist you with wealth building through real estate that fits your lifestyle.

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Find out the pros and cons of knowing your property value.

  • Pros: You know the estimated value of your home and are able to make an educated decision.
  • Pros: You could coordinate with your lender and go through a few options at improving either your home or your living situation.
  • Pros: You get first class guidance. We are here to work with you to educate and assist with whatever suits your needs.
  • Con: The options have been laid out and you could go in several different directions. 
  • Con: The anticipation of potentially changing your living situation can be daunting! (Upgrading or downsizing both have its own challenges).

Let’s discuss these pro’s and con’s together.  Complete the form below with a few details and we will be in touch shortly!

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