Andree Craig | Key to your house

It’s time for spring cleaning!

It certainly wasn’t the longest, coldest or snowiest winter we’ve experienced in recent years but nonetheless, it’s exciting to see the temperature rising, trees budding and flowers blooming! Now that spring has arrived, homeowners are wise to take a few hours over the next couple weekends to tackle their spring cleaning – after all, it’s better to get it over with on a rainy April weekend rather than a hot and sunny June one!

Here’s an overview of some major areas that you should focus on in your home:

Kitchen: Remove dishes/pots from cupboards, tossing any items that don’t get used, and wash inside and out with hot, soapy water. Do the same with food and spice cupboards, getting rid of old or expired spices and food. Next, turn your attention to the appliances, large and small. Give your fridge, oven, microwave, stovetop, dishwasher and coffeemaker a thorough wipe down (yes, even the dishwasher!). Scrub the floors, getting under appliances and around baseboards. Give the walls a quick wipe and dust light fixtures and blinds.Blowing Foam -Fun In The Kitchen


Front Hall Closet: Grab a tote and pack away winter gear, including boots, mitts, scarves, hats and coats. Give the floor and walls a quick scrub. Did you forget how big this closet actually is?

Bedrooms: Pack away winter clothing, getting rid of any items that don’t fit or get worn anymore. Next, turn your attention to the bedding. Wash the mattress pad, pillows and coverings. Everything except foam pillows should be ok to put in the washer, but check labels for specific laundering instructions. Dust and wash light fixtures, baseboards and window coverings.

Living Room/Dining Room/Family Room: If you have carpets, have them steam cleaned or rent a machine and do it yourself. Shampoo area rugs if possible or bring them outside for a good shake and air out. Wash furniture upholstery, if necessary. Dust and wash light fixtures/ceiling fans and wash window coverings and baseboards/woodwork.

Bathrooms: Tackle any mouldy spots in the bathtub or shower with a powerful mould remover. Take down shower curtains and throw them in the washing machine. Remove bathroom fan grids and wash in hot, soapy water. Dust and clean window coverings and light fixtures.

It might sound like an exhausting task, but with a little elbow grease and a few hours of hard work, your home will be ready to shine all summer long!